Installation Views

Art in Public Space

Screening of Eden Waters. July 2014
New York City, New York USA
West Harlem Art Fund

Savonna Bailey and Linda Griggs, curators

The primary public space of our world is the universal space of environmental waters, home to the unseen microscopic life that provides the most elemental life on the food chain. Urban space, all space, depends on the hidden qualities of the water, the activities of the micro-organisms that are the pulse of the ocean.

Bringing awareness of this hidden life to the urban setting, where layers of culture intertwine with the visible environment but rarely with the invisible, is one of the imperatives of our time. The challenge is how do we engage the public in a narrative that includes a true artistic dialogue?

Governor's Island, August 2014
curated by Yona Verwer
Art Kibbutz exhibition "The Jewish Waltz with Planet Earth"

small still image and with video shown at:
Fountain Art Fair, curated by Linda Griggs
Governor's Island, curated by Yona Verwer